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Clark Forklift
  • 100% AC motor technology - Lift trucks with 48/80 volt system
  • Full AC system – Not partial like some other brands
  • No drive or pump motor brushes – Lower maintenance
  • No contactors – Lower maintenance
  • High laden and unladen travel speeds – Increased productivity
  • No delay in change of direction as with DC system – Increased productivity
  • Ramp start feature – No roll back leads to improved safety
  • Totally enclosed water protected motors – Lower maintenance
  • 3 forms of regenerative braking: Footbrake, direction change and deceleration – Longer working shifts, and increased productivity
  • Side shifter – Fork carriage can be shifted to both sides by a control lever
  • Seat shutdown safety feature – Automatic power-off when operator leaves seat
  • Solid tyres as standard – Long-lasting, non-puncturable, improved stability
  • Seat with wing – For better operator safety
  • Battery with automatic filling system – Easier maintenance
  • Three-phase charger – Improved performance

The material handling division of Al Naboodah Group Enterprises (ANGE) has been responsible for the growing sales of Clark forklifts in the UAE for many years, with the company taking the brand to new heights in the region. Clark forklift trucks are supported by the prompt and reliable after-sales backup from ANGE, making them the first choice for forklift truck buyers in the UAE.

Clark boasts a long and illustrious history in the design and manufacturing of material handling equipment. In 2017, the company celebrates 100 years of operations, and is credited with the invention of the forklift truck, having produced the world’s first gasoline-powered lift truck, the “Truclift”, in 1920, and the first production fork lift truck with hydraulic lift, the “Tructier”, in 1928.

An ISO 9001/14001 certified company, today Clark manufactures 40 different models of forklift trucks in various combinations. Clark forklifts come with a host of optional attachments to meet customer’s specific application requirements.

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Clark’s product line includes diesel, LPG and electric forklifts of various capacities, ranging from one to eight tonnes, which are suitable for a wide range of indoor and outdoor warehousing uses, including container loading and unloading operations. A combination of Japanese and European expertise results in very reliable and powerful diesel engines that are also fuel-efficient. Clark forklifts feature operator-friendly controls, high visibility masts and sturdy construction, with fully hydrostatic power steering and easy access for maintenance. A tapered design of the mast rollers helps to avoid the use of grease for any lubrication and maintenance, which in turn keeps the rollers in good condition without allowing dust to settle on them, which could lead to a reduction in operational efficiency over time.

A network of efficient spare supply and mobile service centres makes them highly suitable for working under rugged, harsh and dusty conditions.